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Artist - Fiona Scott-Brown Hughes D.A. (Glasgow)

Betty goes to Lucca and stops at the Ponte Magdalena to admire the fish.
Oil on Canvas 70x70cm £2500
Frenchie contemplates the work of John Bellany while in Barga
Polymer on canvas . 70x60cm, Framed 90x80. £2200
Frenchie Prays to the Archangel Michael In Lucca
Oil on canvas. 70x70cm. Sold
Frenchie in Lucca
oil & alkyds on canvas. 70x70cm unframed £2500
Betty 'The Frenchie' Goes to the Ball
Acrylica on Canvas 30X40cms £1200
Nicky's fruit
Still Life. Oil on Canvas 50cm x 50 cm Framed £2000
The Pomegranites
Oil on Canvas Framed 40ins x 36ins sold
Tuscan Jug with Medlar Fruit
Oil on Canvas 50cms square. £1750
Wine Bottles of Via Mozza
Oil on Canvas 40cms square. £550
In the Name of the Father.
Oil on Canvas 32ins x 28ins £2500
In God's Name
Oil on Canvas 60x60cm £1650
Oil on Canvas 35x35 inches Framed £4500
Highland Cottage
Oil on Canvas 36 x 36 inches Framed £2000
Cow Friends
Oil on board. 100cms x 80 cms £8000
Rude Cows
Mixed Media on Board Framed 40ins x 30ins SOLD
Aspects of Lucca 1
Acrylica on Canvas 60x80cms £2900
Hot evening in Lucca
oil & alkyds on Canvas 50x50cm £950

All original art work is oil or alkyd on canvas. All rights reserved. Copyright. Fiona Scott-Brown D.A.