Fiona Scott-Brown Hughes
Fine Artist.

Scottish  artist, Fiona Scott-Brown Hughes 


Fiona's work is held in collections all over Europe. She is known for her dynamic approach to colour and texture and her enthusiasm springs from her love of the work of the Scottish Colourists.


Fiona graduated from the Glasow School of Art in 1973 and has enjoyed an illustrious career both in industry and education. She now concentrates her energies on painting and writing. Her present focus is on still life, landscape and urban landscape painting and she takes her inspiration from the wonderful Italian countryside.. 


As a qualified Lecturer, Fiona is available for teaching and lecturing as well as bespoke commissions.

Artist - Fiona Scott-Brown Hughes D.A. (Glasgow)

All original art work is oil or alkyd on canvas. All rights reserved. Copyright. Fiona Scott-Brown D.A.